Bringing People & Systems Together

“Bruce’s passion for workplace and employee safety is evident in every conversation and job site visit. He was a dedicated team member...and was committed to keeping all of us safe. Over the last year he worked diligently with our corporate and local safety programs and achieved solid results…Bruce demonstrated a passion for technology. He brought that excitement to his job as Risk and Safety Manager…I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce to any organization as I feel he would be an asset to any team. He’s a professional and an advocate for raising the bar.” - John C

“I had the pleasure of working with Bruce in Libya for a little over 2 years. Bruce was our "troubleshooter" and "resident expert" for any issues we had with upgrading and implementation of Maximo. We leaned on Bruce’s expertise very heavily and he was always able to offer some type of workable solution that allowed us to achieve our goals and continuously improve the system. Bruce earned the respect of everyone he worked with, from the Greystar team as well as the Client.” - Burl R

“Bruce was our Maximo Consultant & in-house Expert and provided continuous support to my offshore Maintenance Department. He was very knowledgeable, highly competent and able to demonstrate excellent implementation, configuration and integration skills, while working under a very challenging atmosphere onshore.” - Jim J

“I was the Director of Corporate Engineering at Immunex, a biotech company in Seattle, WA, when I hired Bruce as our Maximo Administer. Bruce had Maximo experience already, and was able to step in and help us with some of the problems and issues we were having. It was important to me be able to get meaningful and useful reports from the system. Bruce was able to clean-up our data base, customize reports for me, and ensure the data was correct. He worked well with the rest of our team and kept our Maximo system running smoothly.” --Bob R

“Bruce is a very strong and committed team 110 percent into his working life. In almost 2 years working with him in Libya he seldom took any leave, he developed, implemented and improved our Maximo CMMS system software to exciting new heights, first fixing and confirming all asset tags to reviewing and improving our preventive maintenance programs and giving us effective monthly KPI's for us to see and improve our goals. This helped us in keeping the plant running, improving our reliability and availability to above 97%.
He worked in often difficult client conditions in which he achieved and gain the clients confidence and respect through hard work and achievement, in turn helping us all to build better client relationships and trust.” Craig B

“Bruce was always supportive and very helpful when asked to contribute his knowledge and expertise. Bruce was invaluable to the team's overall performance providing solid guidance and support to the IT department as well as motivation to those under his tutelage.” - Mike D

“I have had the fortune of knowing Bruce DelGrasso for the past seven years. During the years of our relationship, I have come to know the attributes and countenance that are the cornerstones of his being. His continual commitment to integrity, intelligence, loyalty, and honesty has been steadfast and has never surrendered to persuasion or influence. Bruce has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. His ability to interact cooperatively and collaboratively with diverse individuals in all facets of life is of the highest quality.
Bruce’s ability and effectiveness in overseeing/enforcing a very effective program saved my company over one million dollars.
He is of sound character and integrity. He is intelligent, humble, integral, organized, intuitive, disciplined, trustworthy, loyal, honest, hard working, and exemplifies strong moral fiber and temperament. His reputation embodies what every corporation should strive to attain, my only regret is that currently I have no project to utilize Bruce’s expertise.” - Robert S